Seattle Port Commissioner John Creighton: 2013 a Great Year for Taste Washington

Each year, Seattle plays host to Taste Washington, a premier event focused exclusively on the food and wine that originate within this great state. Over 225 wineries are expected to participate in the 2013 event, scheduled for March 23 and 24, and Seattle Port Commissioner John Creighton hopes that visitors will be encouraged to come back for a repeat visit to Washington wineries and wine tasting rooms at a later date.

Taste Washington brings needed tourism dollars to the region, as those who participate often choose to stay the night in local hotels. The amount of wine poured makes driving a bit unsafe, and there are so many different delicacies to try that people often need both days that the event takes place in order to sample everything that’s available to them with their ticket packages. But, according to Commissioner Creighton, Taste Washington could bring the Seattle area even bigger benefits down the line.

Wine and food enthusiasts might be drawn to the event due to the participation of heavy hitters from around the state, but participants may particularly enjoy the samples of food that come from the local region. This is an area that’s often overlooked by food and wine critics, and it’s a shame, as Seattle has some wonderful options available. As participants sip, nibble and swirl, they’ll also have the opportunity to look out on the lights of the city, and when the event is over, they may choose to visit local restaurants for a more substantial meal, or they might choose to take in a show at the Fifth Avenue Theater, or visit a museum such as the Seattle Art Museum or Experience Music Project, or a local attraction such as the Space Needle or Chihuly Glass Garden. In short, the event could provide a doorway into the wonders that Seattle has to offer, and people might find that they’d like to come back and take a closer look at the city.

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