Commissioner John Creighton on New Delta Service to Japan

Moving between Seattle and Asia will be easier than ever before, according to Seattle Port Commissioner John Creighton, now that Delta Air Lines is providing expanded service. New nonstop flights offered by the airline will begin soon, and they will connect Seattle-Tacoma International Airport with Tokyo-Haneda and with Shanghai.

Seattle was among four cities vying for a route to Haneda Airport, which keeps tight control over air traffic. This region is attractive for travelers who want quick access to central Tokyo, rather than flying out to distant Narita and then having a long drive into the city. A nonstop flight to Haneda could be a boon to Sea-Tac Airport, Commissioner Creighton says.  The new service also compliments Delta’s existing flights into Osaka and Beijing, as well as its new service to Shanghai, making Seattle one of the best places to begin a journey to Asia.

It’s also possible that visitors from Japan will use Seattle as their vacation destination, as the flights are quick and easy and the service is so efficient. They may have relatives within the region that they want to visit, or they may simply feel that Seattle has some attractions they’d be hard-pressed to find in any other major city. These visitors will bring a needed economic boost to Seattle, as they spend money on food, lodging, transportation and entertainment during their visit.

John Creighton Port of Seattle is, not surprisingly, thrilled at the news of this new service. He’s long been looking for ways to boost tourism within Seattle, and as co-chair  of the Port Commission’s Century Agenda Committee, he’s shaped the Port’s vision to help create 100,000 new port-related jobs for the region over the next 25 years. This new service may help him to achieve both goals.

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